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NESS ASPIRE DETAILS (Guide 13-16, **Bio Banding consideration, aligned with player's ability, desire and strength of character)
The ASPIRE Program runs 90 minute sessions and is designed specifically to further educate and develop dedicated and talented players. Advanced technical, tactical, physical and social training methods help players to recognise their current standing within the game, while promoting and planning complementary activities to realise their full potential. During the process players are made aware of the requirements, great demands and expectations of the daily routines associated within the professional game, but importantly, they are made aware about the importance and significance of their academic achievements too.
Players officially affiliated with alternative clubs who wish to further commit to complementary training programmes are welcome to register in order to supplement their overall development and career progression.
  • 90 mins weekly session(s) are selected, constructed and delivered from the following activities.
  • Technical, Tactical, Physical and Theoretical Sessions.
  • Sessions include performing under pressure and in game related conditions. 
  • Players Grouped through previous performance, achievements and identified positional capabilities. 
  • Technical and Tactical skills are explained, used in key areas of the pitch. (in possession, out of possession and transition phases).
  • Sessions to increase player’s awareness, understanding and ability to execute specific skills and movements related to their position. 
  • Sessions to contain an element of intensity but ensuring the player’s ability to understand and have an awareness of tactical play which may require shadow play, walkthroughs etc. 
  • Sessions will focus on the player’s positional physical requirements in game related activities, (Speed, Agility, Power & Quickness).
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