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NESS INSPIRE DETAILS (Guide age 9-13 **Bio Banding consideration, aligned with player's ability and desire)
The INSPIRE Program is a 90 minute session, and focuses on Individual Technique and the importance of overall Game Awareness. Coaching points will be given to motivated players to help them identify, practice and then rectify the skill, whilst measuring the importance and understanding of their emotional and physical capabilities. Their continued progress and development will be monitored throughout the duration of the course, with continuous informal feedback given. The objective always being to enhance their individual performance, ideally resulting in the player being motivated and inspired to sign up to the NESS Aspire Program to learn more and understand the important Technical and Tactical requirements needed to progress within the game.

  • 90 min weekly Technical Session(s) to increase the player’s awareness, decision making and key ball mastery traits.
  • Sessions to include performing under pressure within game related conditions and small sided games.
  • Mastering individual technique and choice of skill in key areas (Control, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting).
  • Focusing on the specifics of a technique e.g.(Passing-Inside/ Outside/ Laces/ Lofted/ Curled/ Chipped).
  • Identifying the positive characteristics, strengths and traits of the player will help to create a profile needed to identify and then succeed in a playing position or role within the actual Team game.
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