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NESS PLAY DETAILS (Guide age 7-12 with **Bio Banding consideration)
Sessions are exactly what they promote, “players play!"
The Ness Play Program runs 90 minute sessions, and gives players the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of participating and self learning within a safe, fun and controlled environment. They can express and demonstrate their skills using creativity and imagination, whilst still being challenged to improve during a variety of high intensity small sided games. The enjoyment of making new friends, or strengthening existing relationships can create a positive mindset increasing the willingness to learn and develop further therefore the next stage will be to combine the fun of NESS Play and sign up to receive professional coaching and player development in NESS INSPIRE. 

  • 90 min weekly session(s) with few coaching stoppages. 
  • Games are designed to promote increased touches, improved decision making and confidence with an emphasis on discovering the values of individual attacking and defending principles.
  • Players ideally to be grouped by ability and Bio Banding principles to promote fair competition and success. 
  • Initially, Groups no larger than 8 per pitch (promote 4v4 game) will be structured with the view to progress and increase the numbers, adjusting the relevant pitch dimensions to develop the player’s overall spatial awareness and decision making as a team player.
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