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"DEVELOP THE PERSON - DISCOVER THE PLAYER" - Danny MacDonald (Academy Director)

In addition to our 1 to 1 Coaching Sessions (see Coach Qualifications HERE), our Player Management Service, NESS360 offers you the opportunity to meet with experienced professionals to ask the essential questions about how to become a professional player and importantly, an insight in to the various alternative careers that currently exist within the soccer industry.

During the meeting deciding factors will be highlighted and analysed specifically about your current situation, to establish the facts about realistic choices that you have to make, or plan for the future. This will include appraising the true reality of circumstances, not just the ambition, but factors such as your type of character, playing potential, playing experience, personal capabilities, wellbeing, lifestyle, education and much more.
The meetings will help you to identify each role, and to better understand the career pathways that exist to help guide and motivate you to work towards your preferred goal, and choose the successful career that will match your own needs and skill set.

NESS360 initiative is all about helping the person to become knowledgeable and informed, ensuring that the correct decision is made. Learn about the day to day operations, especially as a young player, the opportunities that exist during their career, and the importance of preparing and planning for their future. It can never be too early to plan for their player pathway but as importantly, to plan and prepare for life after the game too!

Regardless of age, whether preparing for a career in the pro-game, or planning to create an exit program from it, or just trying to deal with the rejection and harsh reality of being released from a Club, our vast experience, guidance and worldwide network will help you look forward in a more positive manner, and be confident about the future.

We look forward to meeting with you!
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